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Capital and village tour; Copenhagen and the fishing town of Dragør

Copenhagen has so much to offer. But how to spend one's short time best possible. This tour encompasses the highlights in Copenhagen with a visit to the village of Dragor.
On our tour through Copenhagen we make a stop to see the fantastic rococco complex of the Royal Residence of Amalienborg as well as a very wellknown lady; The Little Mermaid.
We are passing a lot of splendid buildings, like the old stock exchange, the Rosenborg Castle, Church of Our Saviour and many other on our way out to Dragor, which is only 7 miles from the city centre. Because of the airport, which divides the island of Amager into two parts (part of Copenhagen) the village and the land around it is an island of rural, coastal beauty very close to Copenhagen.
Typical for Dragor are the old, yellow houses and the narrow streets and alleys between them. The village has a proud story from the time of the captains, the salvages and the navigators.

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