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Jelling and Harald Bluetooth - the cradle of Denmark; Viking Age

Over the last 10 years Jelling has undergone major changes so that the whole area and town focusses on the legacy of the town as the cradle of the nation of Denmark and Denmark as a christian country.
For more than 1000 years ago, the town Jelling was the capital of Denmark. The wellknown king Harald Bluetooth, who put the runic stone, now considered being the baptismal certificate of Denmark.
He was also a viking and his men raided and traded in large part of England as well as elsewhere. Hear the fascinating story of this period, which is special to Denmark and Scandinavia.

The monuments are: The to burial mounds, the two runic stones, the great stoneship (marked), the church and the palisade around it (marked). 

The visitor centre is a great experience in itself. So far the entrance to the area as well as the visitor centre is free, so you only pay for my guiding. 

Practical info:

Situation: North/west of Vejle, in central Jutland. 

There's a train station in Jelling and numerous cafés.

Suggested visiting time, including church and exhibition: 3 hrs. + café or what you want.

With car can Jelling be combined with other viking sights in the area. 

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