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Kolding and Koldinghus Castle

A beautiful, medieval castle welcomes travellers to the Kingdom of Denmark. Kolding was the gateway to Denmark for many centuries. In 1808 Napoleon's hired Spanish soldiers burned down the castle by accidence. In a way it was the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen who saved the ruins.
The renovation of the castle is unique, where the ruin is kept within a new architectonical structure.
The old town of Kolding can tell other stories, e. g. about the war in 1849 between 50, 000 Prussian soldiers and 40, 000 Danish soldiers.
Recent stories like that of the renowned baker, Bertram Knudsen ("it is all about the butter"), and Chresten Berg, who started the liberal newspapers in Denmark, are also told on this walk in central Kolding.

Suggested time for a walking tour including a visit to the Castle: 3 hrs.

1½ hr. guided walking tour in historic Kolding: dkk 1250. 

1½ hr. guided design walk in Kolding; dkk 1250.

Koldinghus medieval castle
Borch gård renaissance house
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