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Odense; Hans Christian Andersen's town

Do you remember the movie with Danny Kaye about Hans Christian Andersen? Here is your chance to visit this fairy tale town over them all; the birth- and childhoodtown of Hans Christian Andersen.
The town of Odense, in the middle of Denmark, is waiting for you to tell you a story about the Ugly Duckling, which later became a beautiful swan; Hans Christian Andersen.

On a city walk in Hans Christian Andersen's footsteps you will pass many places in Odense. The cathedral where he was confirmed, the place where his mother washed clothes, the place where he fell in love with the world of theatre, the house in which he was taught and many other places that belong to the story of Hans Christian Andersen.

The town walk includes a guided tour in Hans Christian Andersen's house, the museum that covers all his life. We also pop into the tiny house where he spent most of his childhood.

We also pass several sculptures visualising his fairy tales and some of his fairy tales will be recapped.

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