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In this the oldest town of Denmark, you'll

feeel the thrill when walking down the narrow,

cobble stone roads from the middle ages. This

little town was the stage of a lot of stories

from Danish history; eg the story about princess Dagmar coming from Bohemia to marry the Danish king, the story about the last witch being burned in 1641, the story about the vikings having their trading post at the riverside and the story about the numerous floods in this low terrain of the Wadden Sea.

The marvelous romanesque cathedral of Ribe overlooks the medieval town and holds two graves of Danish kings plus the paintings and mosaics by the famous artist, Carl Henning Pedersen from the 1980'es. Walking up the tower is part of the tour; from there you get a breathtaking look over the town and the marshlands surrounding it.

The town hosts two great museums; Ribes vikinger, telling the story about the town in the viking age and the middle ages, and the art museum with a great collection from the danish golden age.

Ribe is the starting point for tours to the Wadden Sea, eg to the small island of Mandø

Ribe; the oldest town in Denmark

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