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Shore excursion; vikings, old town and art in Aarhus

Walk down the steps through the centuries and see the small viking exhibition telling the story of viking age Aarhus.
Walk through the beatiful Den Gamle By; a unique Danish open air museum; like a medieval village in the town; houses and activities from the old days.
Walk into the medieval days in the impressive Cathedral of Aarhus; the longest and tallest church in Denmark, and one of the oldest redbrick buildings in Jutland. Its construction began in the year 1190.
Walk up the stairs and take a walk in the famous Olafur Eliasson installation: "Your rainbow panorama" with a beautiful view over the town, This is at ARoS Art Museum; one of the largest art museums in Europe.
Walk pass medieval houses and along the river at this walking trip in the centre of Aarhus.

Duration of suggested tour: 6 hrs.

Interior visits to:
The cathedral of Aarhus. (can be closed due to activities in church).
The viking museum. (Not in weekends)
The art museum. (closed on Mondays)
Den Gamle By.
Guided walking tour in the old part of Aarhus town.

Public bus one way; walking other way; app. 2½ miles in total.

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