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Christiansfeld; pictoresque town of the Moravian Brothers

Christiansfeld, a newly acclaimed Cultural World Heritage is a fantastically wellpreserved town from 1773. A religious group, the Moravian Brothers founded the town as a community town and a guided tour here will give you the thrilling history.

In 2023 we celebrate the 250-years anniversary of the town. The Moravian Brothers came from Germany to build a colony in Denmark almost 250 years back. The town which was planned and built on an open field, is still there and very well preserved.
While seeing the church, the town and the graveyard, one can almost visualize the story.
Christiansfeld also played an important role when it comes to the reunification of Denmark and Southern Jutland, which was under Prussian rule for more than 50 years. 

Sightseeing in town including visit in church and at graveyard. Also a visit in the newly restored Sisters' House with the museum of The Moravian Community.

There is also an opportunity to buy the famous honeycakes after the original recipe.

Coffeestop in the vaulted cellar of the historic hotel.

Practical info:

Situation: In Southern Jutland; between Kolding and Haderslev

Time needed to visit all mentioned above plus the new garden of the Moravians: 3 hrs. + coffee stop etc.

Expenses: The only entrance fee is for the museum; 5 $ per person; apart from that only my guiding is paid for. 

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